Born in Pinar del Río, Cuba 1974, moved to Havana city in 1975. At an early age he became passionate about painting. His mother wanted him to become a musician and enrolled him in piano lessons in “Seminario Bautista de La Habana”. As a teenager he tried to study in the academy of art San Alejandro at La Habana, but unfortunately, he failed to pass the drawing exams to become a student of the prestigious academy of art. His obsession was to learn and study art. 

A year passed and through some of his friends that studied in the National School of Art, he starts receiving painting, drawing, design and ceramic classes to obtain a higher level of preparation for the upcoming test. He starts art classes in E.N.A (National School of Arts). One day Abisay wore a shirt that said in front "Sonríe, Jesús te Ama" (Smile, Jesus Loves you). This brought rage to the school’s directors and he was terminated from the school. He kept studying on his own until he encountered a professor of art philosophy and history, Juan Enrique Guerrero. This teacher instructed Abisay on how to elaborate a piece of work pictorially, musically and poetically by making him feel that in each visual artist there is a musician and a poet as well. This encouraged Abisay to start his first series called "The Apocalypse of Abisay" in 1998 winning two drawing awards. Then he started his second series called "Lamentations of Abisay". In the series "Imposibilitados", Abisay decides to fuse painting and music.

In the summer of 2010 Abisay comes to the United States as a political refugee, he is currently living in the city of Syracuse, New York State where he continues painting and pursuing his dream as an artist.