Was born on January 16, 1974 in Santiago de Chile. Greater than two sisters, among the six children his father had. His parents, Patricio Gómez Lagos, painter, restorer of works of art and poet, and Florencia Zaccarelli Sell, banquetera, tallerista and independent worker.

Artist since childhood, performs various searches and in 1992 entered the Catholic University of Chile where he applied to Psychology and Bachelor of Arts, is selected in both and has to choose, once again opts for art and is accepted at the School of Plastic Arts of the Catholic University of Chile, interested in a more integrating and progressive curriculum of plastic arts. He received his degree at the Catholic University of Chile in 2001.

In 2007, he settled in Quilpué, V region where he developed his art work and painting, wire sculpture and creativity workshops until 2013. They highlight their first individual exhibition "Landscapes of the Interior" July 2008, in the Art cycle in the Hall of the I. Municipality of Quilpué with an installation and interactive art action in the municipal pool, his exhibition of contemporary sacred art "Veni Sancte Spiritus "At the Extension Center of the Catholic University of Maule in Talca, curated by the artist Claudio Di Girolamo, The MISARTE project, born in the Lircunlauta Museum of San Fernando in the context of the MILAGROS Project, a sample of integrated arts that includes the presentation of a Catholic Eucharist presented as a work of art and his most recent expository work "Una Mirada, Mil Miradas" 2014, Installation on the Mapuche Conflict in the PEV Gallery, Carlos Hermosilla Room, in the Carrasco Palace of Viña Del Mar and its Exhibition The Memory of Water in Surazo de Osorno Museum, which starts its art tour in a dozen places in southern Chile, from 2015 to the present, between other exhibitions, ecological art actions, publications and other participations. Today she lives in Villa Alemana with her family, from where she develops her plastic work..