Painter, muralist and illustrator. Faustino Castillo began in 1982 as an illustrator and, as of this date, he made many works for advertising, cinema and T.V. Decorations, illustrations, posters (cinema, TV, fair, Exhibitions, Cultural events, etc.). He has worked as a muralist and in thematization projects such as Huracán 1724 and Toca-Toca of the Museum of La Ciéncia in Barcelona and Madrid (CosmoCaixa-Alcobendas) in traveling exhibitions -which tour the different Spanish provinces- as: Science Station, Interplanetary, AIDS, Alzheimer's, Origin of man, Way of St. James, Al Andalus, Rome, etc.

He also works as a muralist in the creation of several large-scale children's parks (Indiana Bill) in different Spanish cities, including: Valladolid, Vigo, Cordoba, Castellón, Seville, D. Benito (Badajoz) Zaragoza, Tárrega, Pamplona, ​​Palencia, Jaén, Linares, Cartagena, Aveiro (Portugal) and Andorra. etc. Faustino Castillo, has made several exhibitions of drawing and painting throughout these years, in Barcelona capital, Vic, Hospitalet, (Barcelona), Jaén, Montoro (Córdoba) Peal de Becerro, Quesada, La Guardia, Cazorla and Úbeda (Jaén ).

He has been one of those responsible for the thematization of the scenery of the Flooded Forest. (A real recreation of 1,000 m2 and 14 of height, of the Amazonian forest), the Toca-Toca and the reception mural in the new Science Museum of Barcelona -Cosmocaixa-. In 2006, he made several murals for the exhibition about the Pirates at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona and, he participated in the thematization of different scenographies on the site of Los Millares, for the Archaeological Museum of Almería. In 2007 he made the murals for the traveling exhibitions of the Foundation "La Caixa" "The Mediterranean Forest", "The Origin of Man" (Renewed) and Rome, murals recreation of Pompeii.

He has recreated the origin of life in various seabeds in the aquarium of Almuñecar - more than 200 meters. of mural painting (plastic painting on plasterboard) - and, 14 murals of different dimensions on the old trades in the museum restaurant "Morgan house" of the same locality. It has several murals in the jungle area of ​​SELWOMARINA (Benalmádena). It has several murals in private homes. Infinity of portraits and caricatures in all techniques and sizes, has illustrated and written, several books of poetry and stories.

Faustino in 2010 participated in the recreation of several scenographies and murals on the sites of Atapuerca in the Museum of Evolution, in Burgos. And 2011, in Barcelona, ​​in the recreation of several scenographies on the city of Pompeii, in ancient Rome. Faustino works on any support, wood, fabric, iron, methacrylate, resins, concrete, etc. etc. With any technique: oil, acrylic, watercolor, xerigraphic inks, tempera, and especially works in large formats, especially in interior walls and facades. His specialty is airbrushing and figuration. In Cazorla and La Iruela he has painted and decorated the Vandelvira coffee shops. He has permanent exhibition in his studio-workshop next to the medieval towers and the church, in Peal de Becerro.