Montserrat Gras starts painting casually, as a therapy to the macabre accident she suffered when they were robbed at work and, as a result, a coworker died… The need to channel and take everything that she carries inside out will be what introduces her, without realizing it, into the world of painting.

She elaborates some projects with the collage technique. Her curiosity grows and she becomes more interested in other types of painting. After reading some books, she sees new techniques and other ways to create and she opts to try fluid acrylic paint because she feels more freedom to express herself and let her go.

She has completed several online courses. It has been the most resourceful tool that she has used to know about the different painting styles and getting to know some of the master painters, J. Pollock among them. • The fluid painting is current, modern and contemporary but unknown for the public. It’s based in colours and not that much in the expressionist and figurative painting we all know… In my opinion, the latter lefts little room for individual creativity. What I do gives me more freedom; I can surprise myself with what is happening… I let the accident happen… I let the causality to proceed, and it’s in this moment when the energy inside me is flowing and my hand is what carries me

… It’s an abstract job, colourist and exciting. It doesn’t matter what it is, the importance is what makes you feel when you see it. One of her passions since she was young is to travel. She knows the five continents fairly well. At the age of 20, she moved to London, and this is the period where she feels the need to explore other places, other cultures and she has accomplished it. She is really passionate about travelling in Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tibet; but also African and American countries too. Because of these trips (these wonderful crazy things) she gets into the photography world, another of her favourite hobbies.