Stanley Gonczanski is an Argentinian filmmaker, creative director and illustrator. He was born in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires Argentina. Developed a background in Advertising at the very young age of 18. At 25 he became the General Creative Director at the Leo Burnett Colombia. There he produced and directed his first commercial spot which landed him the Clio Award. As an artist it is safe to say that his skills did not stop at being content within that field. He went on pursuing a film career and moved to Santiago de Chile and opened his own production company named Stanley Films & Friends. His commercial films have participated in the most prestigious of festivals in New York, Cannes, London, Achap, Clio just to name a few. His company has been named one of the five best Latino-American production companies from 1994 to 2002.

He went on to win the MTV Music Video Awards for his first Music Video and has been a finalist three more times since then. Stanley’s background can only paint him as an amazing artist. Apart from film and advertising, he is an amazing visual artist as well. We have the privilege of showcasing his latest artwork. Stanley has submerged in his first artwork series which he calls “Almost Classic”. Being passionate about the classic Masters, he found a way to touch our society ´s crucial issues, using the classic pieces as a platform.

His digital art collages use subtle humor and blunt irony to give a very modern message that can be understood globally. 2018 has been the year of his international launch as a Digital visual artist. After being part of Harbingers The Rapture, his first international show in London during May, Stanley opens his first individual show in Roccart Gallery, Florence, Italy. Creative Bohemian Art Magazine used the words Stunning, Sublime and Superb to describe the work of Stanley Gonczanski..